Lexy Parsons


Lexy ParsonsAt the age of 8, Lexy Parsons surprised everyone, including herself, when she expressed interest in learning the violin. An apt and talented pupil, she quickly picked up the skill and made her way to the front of the orchestra. Much of what she played she would learn by ear, either off the radio or from recordings. She began private classical violin lessons at the age of 11 with Charlotte Shifferin, her grandmother’s longtime friend and a graduate of Peabody Conservatory. Lexy placed in two competitions she entered in the following three years, but her main interest lay in fiddling and Celtic music. Four years later, she was granted her wish and began taking fiddle lessons with Alexander Mitchell, a graduate of Berklee College of Music. In addition to her fiddling studies, she continued classical training, and under the tutelage of Don Hayes, Lexy gradually built her repertoire and prepared for college auditions.

In 2007, Lexy was accepted to Stetson University as a scholarship student of Dr. Routa Kroumovitch-Gomez, where she embarked on the first serious classical training in her lifetime. At Stetson, Lexy performed in the University’s Symphony, Chamber and Opera Theatre Orchestras (Anthony Hose, conductor). Having graduated May 2011 with a Bachelor of Music degree in music performance, Lexy is apprenticing as a violin maker, managing Atlantic Strings Violin Shop, teaching private violin lessons in the Orlando area, and is looking forward to more performance opportunities in the future.